Top 10 Job Websites in the Philippines

Job hunting used to be a not-so-easy job back in the days – but not anymore. Gone are the days when we mainly look for jobs on bulletin boards, walls, billboards, and newspapers. Nowadays, people rely on the Internet for almost everything. And for job seekers, what used to be checking today's paper or looking into wall posts of physical establishments is now just clicking or tapping on a device, whenever, wherever. 

With the emergence of web-based sites and pages, several job information and portals have come out. But with these hundreds to thousands of job portals, which are the best to use in looking for jobs in the Philippines? 

We put together a list of some of the websites that you can visit when you are looking for a job. Here are the Top 10 job portals in the Philippines:  

Jobstreet is considered the best job portal in the Philippines, at least according to some sources like MoneyMax (2021) and Capati (2020). On Jobstreet, you can create your career profile and use it to apply for jobs that you can find on the site. You can also upload your resume that will be automatically attached to your application once you apply for a job.  

Jobstreet also provides brief information about the company such as description, size, and the type of industry. It also enables companies to embed a video about them which can give a glimpse of what it’s like working with them. 

For searching, it features a great search engine that allows for filtered search on several categories by salary, location, and job specialisation. 

2. Kalibrr  

Like Jobstreet, most of the features of Kalibrr are particularly useful and helpful for job seekers. It has an account feature that enables you to build your profile on the platform and upload your resume. It also has a save feature and a “refer to a friend” feature. Lastly, it has a search engine that provides great functionalities.  

Indeed’s features are almost similar to Kalibrr and Jobstreet. From the homepage, if you are a job seeker, you will be prompted to search for a job based on two criteria: what the job and is and where. It is straightforward, and you can add filters to the search.  

What is great about Indeed is its usability. It brings back results fast, refreshes quickly and its interface is easy to navigate. 

Boss Job is another job portal that features a complete easy-to-use platform for job seekers. It also has a “notify me of similar jobs” feature which can be a helpful feature for job seekers who are exploring opportunities.  

LinkedIn Jobs is just a feature of the whole LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn is a huge networking platform like social media, but more professionally.  

LinkedIn profiles are not just information to send the recruiters but also your networking profile. It is not limited to hiring, but also to connecting, collaborating, learning, participating, and many more.  

As a social networking platform for professionals, it enables posts, news, and blog articles that users use to tell their stories and expertise which users can engage with.  

LinkedIn also has a chat feature that enables users whether recruiters, colleagues, or even experts to connect and discuss.  

While Facebook is mainly for socialising with friends and families, it also has a job feature that helps users find jobs that are near them. To date, 78.6% of the entire Filipino population are on Facebook. There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the Philippines, thus, making it an excellent job-seeking platform.  

For several years now, working abroad has been an attractive option in the Philippines. The Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) estimated that there are 2.2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in 2019. is an excellent portal to search for overseas jobs. It features a search engine that can be filtered by which country you are eyeing to apply to and a keyword of the job. The website partners with the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) to filter only accredited employers overseas to make sure that all employments are legitimate.  

If you are looking for freelance jobs, Upwork and Freelancer are great platforms to look for. On these platforms, you can search for jobs that you are willing and able to do and bid for them. Clients will accept offers that they prefer from applicants like you.  

Another job portal that offers easy-to-use and convenient features is Monster Philippines. Aside from just the job title and the location, Monster Philippines allows you to input the number of experiences in the search. But it is not limited to this as it has more helpful filters once you proceed in the search results page. Just like the job portals mentioned above, it has a profile creation, uploading resume or CV, and direct apply features. 

Online Jobs is a website dedicated to virtual jobs. These jobs are usually remote and allow employees to work anywhere they want without having to go into an actual physical office.  


The process of seeking jobs has become convenient and wider – thanks to the rise of web-based portals that allow job seekers and employers to connect and go through the employment process easier.  

For job seekers, it is important to take note of the most popular job websites, so their search and application process are guided and effective.  



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